Book Review: Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson


by Mark Manson

So this book is a big fat lie. 

It is not, in fact, a book about hope, and he even said it at the end of his book. That if you're looking to have some hope in your life, you won't find it in his book. What you need to do is be a better human being - a nebulous idea that rivals that of finding the fountain of youth. But heck, I have no idea why people pick up self help books in search of some divine knowledge. And in the hopes of changing our lives, we collect a bunch of info like some tourist at a rest stop on our journey to this thing called life. Well, I don't know what to tell you, except, only YOU can help yourself. 

I guess, in a way, he was right. You have to find hope in you. No one can tell you how, but if you choose to listen to the negativity that surrounds you, then it's a sure fire way to keep you in the darkened recesses of your life. I don't know, maybe this book caught me on a day when I'm a bit more skeptical than usual, but it really didn't offer any good advice. 

The problem I have with this book, is that there was no cohesiveness to his ideas. It reads like a bunch of essays that attempts to arrive at a destined location. Well, it was ineffective. It was a collection of philosophical musings that were often times funny, quirky, and has, surprisingly enough, merits. It was unfortunately, not enough to be helpful. 

 At the end of the day, he attempted to give us some pointers on how to become a version of ourselves that looked to have their shit together. And as I've mentioned above, easier said than done. 

 The oddest of times, I would absorb side info from the books that I'm reading. It would take me to something more interesting than what the book is actually about. In this instance, before he got to his point about the importance of meditation, he spoke about the Burning Monk from South Vietnam. If you're not familiar with him, he doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire in protest of the government. As his body was engulfed in flames, the monk did not make a sound nor moved. Manson attributed this to the monk being in a meditative state. He willed himself to not feel pain. This tidbit of historical info got me interested in reading a bit about the monk, more than I wanted to find more perspective in Manson's book. 



  1. Hmm, so interesting to hear your thoughts on this one. I have the audiobook saved on scribd but it sounds like this one ended up being a disappointment because it was too random and spread out *shrug*

  2. Self help books- yeah I'm skeptical of them a lot of the time, although I suppose they do help some people. Interesting how this felt like essays but didn't feel so cohesive. That's fascinating too about the monk, I did not know that about the meditation. Now I'm curious to know more too!

  3. I don't think that I have ever picked up a self-help book. I just don't trust that I am going to find any help that will be useful inside of a book. The monk does sound like something I would want to know more about.

  4. and this is why I never really got interested in picking up self-help books. Generally, I think I'll know what they'll tell me I usually just need the motivation to push myself to do things and I don't think self-help will be that for me.

  5. Joy my darling! It's so wonderful to see you reading and blogging again. I've missed you terribly! 2020 is quite possibly the most horrible year we'll probably experience in our lifetime and I felt so incredibly overwhelmed as well, taking quite a few breaks especially after losing our little fur child and being locked down for five months. I'm so glad to see you through the other side Joy and 2021 is going to be a brilliant year for us both!

    I struggle with non fiction and self help type books. I tend to enjoy feminist manifestos and women's studies but self help always feels a little tongue in cheek and I think the appeal of this one is mostly within the title unfortunately. Wonderful review Joy, really enjoyed it and so thrilled to have you back!


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