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 Theft by Finding by David Sedaris | The Wicker King by K. Acrum | Red White & Royal Blue by Casey Mcquiston | Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope y'all got to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Our city is on lockdown so we didn't really do much. But I really enjoyed it, because I didn't have to deal with running around and going from one dinner to another like we used to do. Definitely helped with me trying to stay on track with my health and fitness journey. 

On Christmas Day, we dropped off food to my parents, my in laws, and my sister in law. Exchanged gifts outside their houses, and took pictures with grandparents somewhat remotely. The new normal sure is weird, but we do what we can considering our parents are the vulnerable ones. 

Anyway, this week, I thought I start off with my reading queue. 

David Sedaris is a new found author in 2020. I have been reading his backlist because his humour really clicked with me. I swear, I laugh at the oddest of times whilst reading his books. Also, there is such a lackadaisical  essence in the way he writes that makes for a very laid back reading. Theft by Finding is his diary from the years 1977-2002. It's a collection of anecdotes, his thoughts, and everything that he found amusing/interesting during those years. Really enjoying it so far. 

The Wicker King has been on my pile of TBR for a while. It looks like it's a suspense/psychological thriller. Also, so far, it's a very readable book. 

Red, White & Royal Blue is a re-read. I don't really know how many times I've read this book already. But once in a while, I love revisiting it. 

Crazy Stupid Bromance is the third book to Lyssa Kay Adams' Bromance Book Club series. These books are hilarious! 

I hope you're all keeping safe, staying warm, and wearing a mask. :)

Happy reading!


  1. I so want to try the bromance books :D
    Red white and royal blue has been on my list forever, one day

  2. That David Sedaris sounds like it would be perfect! I've often been looked at in doctor's offices for laughing out loud unexpectedly.(lol) Hugs and Happy New Year! RO

  3. I've seen Red White and Royal Blue around, but these other three are new to me. I hope you enjoy them.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Glad you had nice holidays, even if they are so different now. It is weird, isn't it?? Anyway I like the idea of reading a diary- type story like that- sounds neat! And crazy Bromance looks fun!

  5. Happy New Year! So glad you are back! I look forward to your reviews!

  6. I LOVED Red, White, and Royal Blue. Same for The Wicker King too so I hope you really enjoy it.


  7. What a really unusual way to spend Christmas but there's really nothing else we can do at this point.
    I got Crazy Stupid Bromance late last year so I'm really excited to get to it!

  8. I did love Red, White, and Royal Blue. I still need to read Sedaris. Our Christmas season was a bit quieter than usual but I actually like the slower pace.


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