On Audio [2]: Library Loot

Our libraries are closed again, unfortunately. We are officially on third lockdown orders. Hubby and I are still going to work, but the kids are in-home learning again. One of the advantages for a book nerd when our entire province goes on lockdown is that your borrows are extended automatically -- for physical copies at least. But for the e-books and audiobooks, we are given more allowances as to how many books you can either put on hold, or borrow. So that's what I've been doing. I've been giving my Libby app a good workout. 

L A T E S T   B O R R O W S



I have physical copies of these books except for In the Dream House and Agatha Christie's book. I sometimes like following along while I listen to the audio. It makes me focus more. Murder on the Orient Express will be my first Agatha Christie book. It says it's number 10 in the series, so I'll see how it goes. 

I'm trying not to buy any books in May. So far, the only ones I got in the mail are the ones I ordered in April and one pre-order. I got some gift cards from my family on Mother's Day but I'm saving them when things open up again. I'm hoping I will be able to keep to my New Month Resolution. I'm doing this now. Creating monthly resolutions instead of goals so maybe I can actually keep to it instead of failing time and time again. 

Have you read any of these?





Oh, sorry to hear you're on lockdown again! We're actually having restrictions eased because our numbers are low, thank goodness! At least you get more library access. There's a bright side! Your first Agatha Christie?! I think you need to get to know Poirot a little more before you really appreciate his idiosyncrasies and find the humor there. I hope it works out for you, Joy!
Oh no, more lockdown? How dreadful.

I do love having both the print and the audio when that is an option as I do enjoy combo read/listens, especially, for longer books. I haven't read any of these though but, saw the A.C movie though.
In The Dreamhouse is one I really want to check out one of these. I wish our library extended hot times/book limits. I ran out of time on so many of the audios on lockdown because I wasn't commuting anymore. I hope you're out of lockdown soon.
Karen said…
I have Wow, No Thank You but I kind of start and stop reading it lol

I'm so sorry about your lockdown AGAIN.

We're coming out of ours and it always gives me anxiety because we always end up going back.

Karen @ For What It's Worth
Greg said…
Oh no- sorry to hear about lockdown! That's so weird since America is opening up and apparently has decided what Covid? Ha. Uncanny valley looks interesting.

Good luck with the Agatha Christie! I want to read some of her books too...
I am so sorry to hear about the lockdowns. We are fully open and my husband will go back to the office on an A/B schedule. There are still mask mandates, but if you are fully vaccinated and can prove it, you don't need to mask. I hope you start heading in the opposite direction soon.
Mystica said…
I've read only the Agatha Christie. We are in lockdown too and going in for a complete one over the weekend and an extended weekend the next week. All for a good cause so what to do!
Sorry to hear that you are on lockdown again. They seem to be lifting all restrictions here and it worries me. I haven't read any of these but I do hope that you enjoy them.
Susan said…
I've been using my Libby app a lot as well. Unfortunately, my library doesn't have a huge selection of audiobooks and there are long waitlists for some of them, so I've actually been listening to the Anne of Green Gables series since all of those books are always available. Yay for audio! Audiobooks keep me entertained while I do housework :)
czai said…
I hope you enjoy Murder on the Orient Express. Love the plot twist for that one!! I've heard good things about In the Dream House. Would love your thoughts on it!

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