Book Review: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

 I'm not gonna lie, this book was too long for my liking. There were times when I just wanted the book to be over. I mean, I wasn't expecting to be bowled over as much as I have been with her debut, but this was also too fantastical for my taste. The idea of someone from the past being stuck in the future via a glitch in the electrical grid back in the 70s was just not my cup of tea, you know? It's Sci-fi and fantasy and romcom mixed into one.  However, it's great to see that Ms. McQuiston has no problems flexing her writing chops. Because this was truly a flight from her first novel.             

In this novel, we meet a cast and crew of a truly diverse and delightful characters. So let's get that out of the way because that's not where my problem with this book lies. I love the family that August found in New York. They may be side characters but they add so much to this novel. I also love the ongoing message that Casey continues to impart: love is love is love. Equality and acceptance come as soon as you accept who you are.  I feel like she's very adept in putting together a group of genuine, unique characters that her readers would love. 

As for our main characters, August and Jane has a built in chemistry that rivals that of Alex and Henry from the RWRB fame. Jane of course, is the lost drifter from the past. Her life in the 70s was that of a rebel with a cause.  She fought for gay rights back in the day but her family disowned her because she refused to take over the family business. As well, they didn't handle her being a gay Asian woman well. August, for her part is sort of the consummate wall flower: quiet, observant, kind of folded inside herself. I love that she instantly bloomed as soon as she met Jane. 

So my problem with this book is its pace.  Some portions of the plot stretched on for too long. I felt like she included far too many fillers in here. I'm not sure if it's because there are quite a few characters that she felt the need to include them in one situation after another, but it just made for an exhausting read. It honestly took away from the reading experience. I even listened to it on audiobook, but at some point, I had to resist skipping a chapter or two just to get to the eventual end: will Jane to back to the 70s? Or will she stay? And if so, how is she getting there? Because damn it, I was boreeeeed. 



  1. I do hope to read this one soon, but even more positive reviews say it was too long. Good to know going on, but that's a shame!


  2. Ooh now this was an interesting review to read because I have not seen anyone mentioning that they were bored. It sounds like this one could've been better if it narrowed its focus and included less characters and fewer fuller scenes to accompany them. I need to read something by this author still but I will start with RWRB.

  3. I'm the odd one out and thought her first book was too long so I'm a little wary of starting this one. I have it on audiobook so we'll see.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  4. Bummer. I hate it when a book drags and I keep checking the page count and it doesn't seem to budge! I'm glad I didn't grab this one up. Hope your next book is riveting, Joy!

  5. My one issue with this book was the pacing, too. I felt like August talked waaay too much, haha. I know I missed parts of the audiobook, but it didn't really dampen my overall enjoyment. I adored the secondary characters, and found families are my jam. :)

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  6. That chemistry does look beautiful and when you mentioned ''rebel with a cause'' it made think of the movie rebel without a cause and now I wanna watch that (AND read the book!) I'm not super fan of such pacings but if the story is worth it I can handle it. We'll see I guess.

  7. "didn't handle her being a gay Asian woman well" that reminds me of Last Night at the Telegraph Club which I recently read, although that one wasn't SF. Sorry to hear this one didn't quite work, though! That's a bummer. It does sound like a quirky plot.

    Sorry I haven't been around to comment as much... I'm trying to get back on track. :)

  8. I do agree on the pacing! I actually enjoyed this one, even when Magical Realism is not my preferred genre.

  9. I didn't really like the book I read by her, and yes that one felt too long too. Could have been better trimmed down


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